Our Story

We met September 25th 2009. It was Indi’s third day working in her new office. Adit had just recently moved back to Sydney as well. Little did we know, what started as innocent ‘hello’ by the coffee machine would then changed our whole life.
Indi never planned to stay in Sydney, it was supposed to be only a one-year assignment. On the other hand, it has never been Adit’s plan to settle in Sydney (that is one of the reason why he only wants to take ‘contracting’ roles – easier to move) But then, we both don’t know what we both don’t know. As time goes by, our heart grew fonder.
It wasn’t an easy decision. With all the differences – culture, tradition, citizenship, and mostly religion, we know there was no shortcuts that we can take to avoid the challenges coming. Against all odds, we were very sure. We believe we are ready to take the leap. Together. And we are very lucky to be surrounded with such great beings, especially our loving parents. With their blessings, we decided to get married.
We had our ‘official engagement ceremony’ on February 5th 2012. Unfortunately, due to one and many reasons (e.g. uni exam, work engagements, flight fare, etc) we weren’t able to physically attended the ceremony. But thanks to the beauty of technology, we manage to attend (and became an active contributor in the ceremony). It was truly one unique experience for us.
So now, we (both of us and our family) are currently busy preparing our ‘new phase of life’, not just the wedding but also all the preparation related to the marriage life itself. Particularly being the eldests from both families, this has definitely been a joyful learning experience for all of us :)