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Dearly beloved,
Thank you so much for coming to our website!!

Firstly I would like to let you know that the main reason why we build this website is as part of our wedding preparation. We hope this doesn’t come across tacky or cheesy as we just want to have a media, especially for our friends & family that lived far away from us, to share our stories.

This would include as well stories related to our vendors (the one that we go with, the one that we didn’t go with, and the one that we wished we had gone with if we had more money. lol), also some cute stuff related to weddings (feel free to visit my pinterest page as well!) and of course some D-I-Y projects, and all other things related to our weddings in Sydney, Australia and in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Forewarning, most of the content might not be all lovey dovey as preparing a wedding is DEFINITELY an ‘interesting’ process so far (hehe) thus recommended for mature audience – as it may contains some bad words.

So yeah, happy browsing! Thanks again for visiting! :)

Indi & Adit